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Article I. Name

This organization shall be known as the Michigan Branch (herein known as “Branch” or “MI-AALAS”) of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (herein known as “AALAS”).

Article II.  Incorporation

Section A.

The Branch shall be incorporated under the laws of the State of Michigan as a nonprofit, educational association.

Section B.

The term for which it is organized shall be perpetual; however, in the event of dissolution of the Branch, all funds and any properties shall revert to AALAS.

Article III.  Affiliation

Section A.

MI-AALAS shall be affiliated, as a Member Branch, with the American Association for     Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) of Memphis, Tennessee, incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois as a national, nonprofit, educational association. 

Section B.

MI-AALAS reserves all rights and privileges granted by AALAS to its branches. 

Section C.

The Branch shall supply AALAS with a copy of its current Constitution, Bylaws, and Amendments as they are adopted. 

Section D.

The affiliation of MI-AALAS with AALAS is affected under the Constitution and Bylaws of AALAS and identifies MI-AALAS as an organization committed to accomplishing the goals and mission of AALAS within the geographical area of MI-AALAS.  Under this affiliation, AALAS and MI-AALAS will cooperate in promoting and carrying out the programs of each.  However, both organizations are financially independent, and neither is authorized to act as agent for, or in any way commit the other, unless specifically authorized and directed to do so.

Article IV.  Mission

Section A. 

MI-AALAS is dedicated to advancing and disseminating knowledge, at the local level, concerning the responsible care and use of laboratory animals for the benefit of human and animal health. 

Section B.

To promote fellowship and cooperation among members and other professional organizations interested in the humane treatment of laboratory animals and the advancement of medical knowledge gained from the use of these animals for the benefit of humans and animals. 

Section C.

To provide a medium in the Branch area for the exchange of scientific information on all phases of laboratory animal science.  To disseminate such information by appropriate means to its members, other branches, AALAS, and others, as necessary. 

Section D.

To communicate with other branches for the exchange of information and to coordinate efforts in the field of laboratory animal science. 

Section E.

To hold at least one meeting annually for the purpose of conducting business and the presentation and discussion of matters of scientific interest. 

Section F.

To render such assistance as is requested by AALAS for the local arrangement for the annual meeting of AALAS when held in the Branch area. 

Section G.

To sponsor and promote professional, educational, and training programs for Branch members and others who are engaged in the responsible production, care, handling, and use of laboratory animals.

Article V.  Membership

Section A.

Membership in the Branch shall be open to persons with interest in furthering their knowledge in the responsible production, care, and use of laboratory animals. 

Section B.

Classes of membership and eligibility thereof are established in the Bylaws.

Article VI.  Voting Power

Article VII.  Elections

The privilege of voting shall be limited to members in good standing. 

The election of officers and of council members shall be conducted at an annual meeting, by mail ballot or by electronic voting as provided in the Bylaws. 

Article VIII.  The Executive Council

Section A. 

The Executive Council shall be the governing body of the Branch.  It shall conduct all business of the Branch except as otherwise provided by the Constitution or Bylaws. 

Section B.

The Executive Council shall be composed of the President, Past President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, Technician Affairs Committee Chairs, Newsletter Editor, Website Designer, and four Board Directors. 

Article IX.  Terms of Office

Section A.  Board of Directors 

The term of office for a Board Director shall be two years, with two members elected in each year. 

Section B.  President, President-Elect, and Past President 

The terms of office for each shall be limited to one year.  The President shall serve for the year immediately following his/her term as President-Elect. He/She shall also serve as Past President for the year immediately following his/her term as President.  Nominees for the office of President-Elect shall be restricted to those who have served on the Executive Council, in good standing, for at least one year in the previous five years.

Section C.  Secretary 

The term of office for the Secretary will be three years. 

Section D.  Treasurer

The term of Treasurer will be three years.

Section E. Membership Chair

The term of Membership Chair will be three years.

Section F.  Technician Affairs Committee Chair and Co-Chair 

The terms of office for each shall be limited to one year. The Chair shall serve for the year immediately following his/her term as Co-Chair. 

Section G.  Newsletter Editor and Website Designer 

The Newsletter Editor and Website Designer shall each be elected for a term of three years.

Article X.  Quorums

Section A. 

Twenty (20) percent of members in good standing shall constitute a quorum for the consideration of business at any Branch meeting. 

Section B. 

For the conduct of business through the mail or electronic mail, no quorum shall be required.  A four-week period shall be allowed for the return of ballots and of other business replies by mail. A two-week period shall be allowed for the return of ballots and of other business replies by electronic media.

Article XI.  Bylaws

Article XII.  Conduct of Business by Mail

Article XIII.  Amendments

The Branch shall establish Bylaws and may amend them from time to time as herein provided. 

Business of the Branch may be conducted by any means necessary (mail, electronic mail, teleconference, etc.) as provided in the Bylaws. 

Section A.   

Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by four members of the Executive Council or by at least ten active members of the Branch and shall be filed in writing with the Secretary.  The proposed amendment(s) shall be considered for approval at the next scheduled meeting of the Executive Council.  Any proposed amendment(s) approved by the Executive Council shall be adopted only by a majority of active members voting at a regularly scheduled meeting by mail ballot, electronic ballot or electronic mail. 

Section B. 

An amendment(s) shall become effective immediately upon adoption, unless specified in the amendment or motion.

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